About Our Marketing Services

There is an old saying: “Find a need and fill it.”

People buy because the product or service fills a need and adds something to the quality of their lives.  It could be convenience, status, or a specific business solution.

As a copywriter, I research the product to develop a Unique Buying Proposition that enables my clients to understand, target and dominate their market.

I answer the most important question in the minds of the buyer, “Why should I buy this product over all the others in the marketplace.”

In short, the customer is asking What’s In It For Me?  The more clearly that question is answered, the stronger the bond with the product, which can lead to a long-term buying relationship as well as personal recommendations to family, friends or business colleagues.

Once I find the Unique Buying Proposition I develop a customized copywriting campaign that can include:

+++Press releases

+++Sales letters,

+++Weekly blog posts,

+++Or a monthly or weekly newsletter,

To explain why I recommend this type of ongoing marketing campaign I want to share an urban legend about a shoe salesman who worked at a major department store in Boise, Idaho.  He always met or beat his monthly quota because he kept a card file of every person who bought shoes from him (this was way before computers.)

Each card had the name, address, and phone number of the buyer, along with birthdays, names and ages of any children and, of course the type and style of the shoes they bought.  When new shipments arrived, he went through his card file and contacted those who might be interested.  He also sent special invitations to recent graduates as well as birthday and Christmas cards.  When there was a clearance sale, he made sure his customers were first in line.

It short he made the effort to build a strong, personal relationship with his customers that lasted for years.

Why buy my services?  I create a Unique Buying Proposition that focuses on the needs and interests of the customer and how the product can solve their most pressing concern.

I would like the opportunity to work with you.

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