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A “Gotcha” question is one you aren’t ready to answer because you haven’t done your homework.

Rather than admitting you don’t know and haven’t prepared intelligently, the next best response is to rant, rave, insult the individual asking the question and point fingers at the so-called liberal media.

All in the name of throwing up a smoke screen and hoping no one will notice the level of incompetence being shared on national television and in the International press.  Just as in the Wizard of Oz, ignore the man behind the curtain.

If I were the leader of another country, I would be thrilled to teach that jerk a few lessons in proper diplomatic protocol.

As I mentioned in a previous column, the tactics that work well in the board room where people can be fired on the spot don’t always translate to the more complex world of politics where the use of power is not as straight forward.  You can’t fire the President of Russia because he won’t cooperate with your plans – get real!

Marketing, which is what this campaign is really all about is a process of building trust in the minds of the voters.  They don’t want to be sold (no one does, really.)  They want to be convinced that, when they hire the next President, their vote will be well-spent and its value respected.

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